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Hybrid Rebate Rush: Grab Your Savings Before July 1!

Rebates on Hybrids are reducing in New Zealand. The Clean Car Discount program will undergo...

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The 5 Best-Used Cars for a 2023 New Zealand Road Trip

New Zealand offers a breathtaking natural beauty that is perfect for road trips all year...

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A Buyer's Guide to Family Vehicles: Our 4 Favourites

Shopping for a family vehicle is tricky. We want vehicles that are reliable, cheap to maintain...

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5 Road Trips Around NZ That Will Make Your Summer

New Zealand is a country with beautiful views, twisty roads and iconic small-town pubs. So what better...

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The 5 best-used cars for a New Zealand road trip

New Zealand was built for road trips. Now that summer is here, it’s the ultimate road trip season. From...

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4 Test Drive Essentials

The test drive is, arguably, the most important part of buying a car. It isn’t enough for a car to look...

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The Best Movies for a Car Enthusiast

Everyone remembers the first time they watched The Fast and The Furious. The adrenaline rush from watching...

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How to Finance your First Car Purchase

Buying a used car is not often a task which you wake up and decide to do on the day; it requires a fair bit of...

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5 Tips for Buying a Car in New Zealand

Are you planning on buying a car soon? Whether it is your first time purchasing a vehicle or the third time, there are...

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5 Advantages of Buying a Used Car Over a New Car

Deciding whether you should buy a used car? There are a number of advantages in buying a used car over a new...

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